Kikoff Credit Builder Loan Review: LaKisha’s Credit Story

LaKisha is 45 years old and lives in Houston. She runs her own event planning business and loves the freedom of being her own boss while connecting with her clients.

When she was in college, LaKisha racked up credit card debt that accumulated over the years. Her credit score dropped to the low 500s. She joined Kikoff to repair her credit, build savings, and qualify for loans to grow her business. 

With the Credit Account and Credit Builder Loan, LaKisha’s credit score has improved over 100 points – up to a 640*.

Walk us through what your credit was like before Kikoff.

Growing up, our family never talked about money or credit. My brother and I joke about this now –  there was always a struggle, but we didn’t even know we were poor. Our parents masked it well. 

My credit started on a downward spiral when I went to college. I was in school on a scholarship and had a work study job, but it wasn’t enough to pay for my cards. Because I didn’t know enough about credit, I ignored it and pretended like it wasn’t an issue. The debt kept accumulating, and some went to charge offs. My score dropped to the low 500s. 

Why did you decide to join Kikoff?

I realized that credit is everywhere. I was making three times the rent amount for apartments, but they didn’t care because of my score. Even utility companies and insurance based rates off my credit. I needed a new car and couldn’t get one. When my daughter went to school, I had trouble paying for it. 

I looked at other credit builders, but they were really complicated. Like, you have to jump through three hoops and light a ring of fire. Kikoff makes sense. It’s easy to use. It’s just, pay your $2 every month. Track your credit score here. Watch it improve. 

If I’m giving my money to a company, I need to know what they’re doing for me. Kikoff always gives me an understanding of what’s happening. They’re giving me a credit line and reporting it and helping improve my score. It’s almost too good to be true.

Why did you also get Kikoff’s Credit Builder Loan?

It shows me how I can save. A lot of my friends are like, I don’t see how I can save money and make it work. But I’m saving and building my credit at the same time. Once I finish the Credit Builder Loan, all the money is mine.

After I joined, I got an email saying how much my score went up – I was like, whoa, that’s amazing. I went to the credit score section of my Kikoff account and saw two entries. I was like, they’re reporting the loan too? This is helping my credit improve twice as much. 

And it’s only $10 a month. How can you beat that? At any given time, I know how much is in my savings, what my balance is, and my payment schedule. 

In what ways has your life changed with Kikoff?

My credit score is at 640*. I can’t believe it. I’m getting a lot more pre-approvals in the mail. When CreditKarma told me I was eligible for a credit card, I applied and got it. 

Long term, I want to have savings and invest. I want to get loans for my business so it can grow. And I want to leave a financial legacy for my grandson. Good credit is a safety net. It gets you what you need. 

I learned about credit on my own. It was a tough journey, but it had to be done. Kikoff gave me timely information – with email updates and blog posts – and helped me tremendously in being aware of my credit and finances.


*Testimonial Disclaimer: Review provided by customer to Kikoff directly. The comment above is related to individual experiences or results. Individual results may vary.