How Kikoff Helps Build Credit with just $5 per month

We hear this all the time: how does Kikoff help build my credit? Why is Kikoff one of the top ways to build credit?

We get it, credit is complicated. So, here’s popular credit specialist and YouTuber, Cal Barton, to help explain Kikoff in this quick 4 minute video.

Video summary:

  1. 0:00 How Kikoff builds credit with just $5/mo
  2. 1:45: What bureaus Kikoff reports to
  3. 2:15: How quickly Kikoff payments can show up on your report
  4. 2:45: How to use Kikoff’s easier free-disputes tool
  5. 3:00: Cal’s favorite things about Kikoff

And here’s the transcript if you prefer reading:

You can build credit with just $5.00. Yes…with 5 bucks you get a $750 line of credit. There’s no credit check and no hard credit pull thanks to Kikoff my partner for today’s video.

And later I’ll show you how Kikoff can positively impact 90% of your credit score and how you can more than double your credit limit with no extra effort.

And check this out someone on reddit asked how legit Kikoff was and someone quickly responded “It’s been a month for me and just yesterday my score shot up 80 points.. give it time”. Another person had even better results. They said, “I’ve had it 5 mos and my score went up 201 points as of today guys…”.

  1. Kikoff has 3 steps to start building credit. Starting with a super quick sign up process and all you need to do is confirm your identity. again there’s no credit check so you’ll just need to give your name, email address, phone number, home address, and social security number.
  2. Once you get logged in you can select the $750 line of credit which is $5 per month and that $5 comes out of your credit line.
  3. Then as you make your monthly interest free payments you start building good payment history with the credit bureaus.

Now, this Kikoff credit account addresses 3 of the largest factors that makeup your credit score:

  1. credit utilization which makes up 35%
  2. credit usage or utilization which makes up 30%
  3. and account age which makes up another 15% of your score

There’s no admin fee, annual fees, late fees, or interest fees, none of that garbage! There’s just a $5 monthly charge going towards paying off your Kikoff credit account plan.

On average, people with credit scores under 600 increase their credit scores by 58 points and that’s only when they make consistent on-time payments the entire time.

Kikoff reports to two credit bureaus, Equifax and Experian and they need to see 1 successful payment before reporting. It is… unfortunate that they don’t report to all three with the credit account, but if you really want reporting to all three bureaus, you can check out Kikoff’s Credit+ Cash Card.

It’s basically a secured credit card that works like a debit card and checking account, and there’s no annual fee, no interest, and no credit check with that as well.

It can take up to 6 weeks for Kikoff to show up on your credit report

depending on when in the month you signed up. Kikoff reports everyone’s payments at the end of every month. After that, it usually can take up to 2 weeks to be processed by the credit bureaus and added to your credit report.

Listen, I personally have 18 revolving accounts and 1 installment account reporting, and my credit score is 815 right now. You can never really have too many accounts reporting good payment history for you.

They also have a built-in free credit dispute tool.

After making an account, you can access your credit report from Equifax and use the dispute tool to start flagging any errors and send them to Equifax for review. Plus they create a PDF document for your dispute letter which you can mail yourself, or Kikoff can send the physical letter for you with a $1 charge.

Even though you’ll want as many credit lines reporting good payment history at all times, you still have the freedom to cancel Kikoff anytime.

and there’s a few things I like about Kikoff:

  • They have a Premium version of the credit account that gives you a $2,500 line of credit which costs $20 per month. That’s gonna help further improve your utilization rate. So even if you use let’s say $100 of your credit line with Kikoff, you’d still only have a 4% utilization rate. which is right where you wanna be for your best possible credit score.
  • This higher tier version includes rent reporting for free, and since the average cost of rent in the U.S. is over $1,700 that’s a massive monthly payment you could start getting credit for paying on time on a monthly basis.
  • No joke….I’ve reviewed about 15 different credit-building solutions, and Kikoff is the least expensive way to get an account with such a high credit limit reporting to the credit bureaus