Kikoff Credit Builder Review: Shuronda’s Credit Story

Shuronda is a 32 year old hotel manager living in Georgia. She loves being able to meet and help people from around the world through hospitality. 

When she was younger, Shuronda racked up debt and late payments on her credit history. But since she had never worried about income, she never checked her credit score. Shuronda realized just how important credit is—as a safety net and financial tool—when the pandemic hit. In her four months with Kikoff, her credit score jumped up 76 points.

Walk us through what your credit was like before Kikoff’s credit builder account.

Growing up, credit was never a conversation at the dinner table. I had to learn through mistakes. When I was 19, I wasn’t responsible with making payments on time for my credit cards and loans. Those debts went into collections and charge-offs.

I had very unhealthy credit files, but I didn’t even realize for years because I hadn’t been worried about money. My bills were paid. I could go on vacation. I wasn’t thinking about credit.

Why did you decide to join Kikoff’s credit builder account?

When the pandemic hit, I had to lay off almost all my staff. Giving them a pink slip, watching them get in their cars and drive off – I’m wondering, what happens if I lose my job too? 

I checked my credit score and it was horrible. I applied for a $500 loan to try and build credit, and I got denied. That’s when it really hit me. If I fell on hard times, my credit was so bad I couldn’t even get approval.

I found out about Kikoff because several people had made YouTube videos. There was no credit pull or check, so I signed up. The next thing I know, my credit score went up 34 points within a single month.

What do you like about Kikoff’s credit builder account?

It’s affordable. I grew up in a neighborhood without much money. People would take out loans to build payment history, and they got nervous when payment time came around. Sometimes they owed hundreds of dollars. 

You never have to worry about that with Kikoff. We can always pay $2 a month. It’s a blessing.

Kikoff’s credit building app also tells you when, how, and what they’re reporting your monthly payments to the credit bureaus. And you can buy a book to build credit. They’re offering knowledge, which I think is more valuable than an installment loan, or just money.

You get the flexibility to keep growing your credit. When I got down to ten dollars on my balance from my first purchase, I made a second one. It’s definitely cost effective—you’re getting a strong line of payment history.

In what ways has your life changed with Kikoff’s credit builder account?

I feel confident. My credit score makes me feel rich. I had to tell myself, stop applying for credit cards. I just got approved for a card with a $5,000 limit. 

My ultimate credit goal is an 800 score. I’m definitely going to keep Kikoff for at least seven, eight years. When your accounts are older, that’s better for your credit.

Building credit is a process – you have to trust the process. It just doesn’t happen overnight. You have to invest in tools, like Kikoff. And once you get to that score you want, it can still be a challenge to maintain your credit. 

Kikoff is a safety net for me. I know that no matter what, they’re maintaining my credit. And good credit gives you leverage. It makes sure that you’re ok.